Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Week to Departure!

7 days until Uganda!!!!!!

I'm so excited. Angie and Ryan have arrived in Uganda. I think Ryan is tired and a little cranky...Anyways, I can't wait to hear from them about where we're living, etc etc.

So with 1 week left, I've actually kind of started packing. I bought my chacos (they are amazing) and I finished sewing one skirt yesterday...well...i still have to figure out how I can avoid button holes, but then it's finished! Also, I got my sweet Tom's in the mail yesterday, but they are too big :( So I think I'm gonna ship them back and buy a boring pair at Nordstrom's for Africa and then get the really really cool ones when I get home. Good plan? I think yes :)

Oh! Angie has already started a list of things for me to bring that they either forgot or couldn't fit in their bags. I would post the list for everyone to see, but there are a few things that the team (meaning everyone except angie, ryan, and now me) isn't supposed to know about.

Speaking of supplies, the team has a google spreadsheet with things that everyone is bringing to share. I bought Avatar the other day. I'm fairly certain I've won the hearts of my team with that one :)

Anyways, I've got errands to run and people to see!

Over and out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Please Help

I'm not sure how many people read this yet since I'm not actually in Africa, but I need your help.

Please go to to help me with one of the projects we're doing this summer. Every dollar counts.

It's been 24 hours and we've already reached 25% of our goal. Help us reach 100%!

Also, if you want more information watch this short video: